Being Prepared

Being Prepared Talk

A brand new updated and simplified notebook will be available for each audience member at a nominal charge. New additions include complete contact information for Boquete Clinics and Ambulances and a new section with a simple at-a-glance resource page to show you step by step what to do and who to call when someone dies.  We’re also including definitions of medical terminology and how to make end of life decisions that represent your personal choices and conform to the laws of Panama in your Durable Power of Attorney for medical care. 

Whether you are a resident, snowbird, or visitor, you will want to understand the local services and legal requirements if you find yourself in a health situation: simple or critical and life-threatening. 

We at Boquete Health and Hospice are here to serve you and our community.   We know this is difficult emotionally and logistically. We want to make the REALITY…we all WILL die…. as simple as possible for you. 

Be Determined to BEING PREPARED and this is how you start.   The materials presented are the HEAD stuff to handle in advance so at the end of life, you and those around you can focus on the HEART issues.  By completing these details, you will have peace of mind to continue on to live an abundant life and a very full and joyful life here in Panama.  

WHY?  Working through this laborious mind-boggling-making-me-crazy-and depressed-creepy-paperwork:

1.  Puts your ‘affairs’ in order.

2.  Ushers you into legal compliance with Panama. 

3.  Provides some control as you have chosen to live/die outside your passport country. You have no family here. This community becomes “our family.”J

4.  Most importantly…this gives you peace of mind so as to Finish the Race well and Transition from this life.

We expect a full house so please come early. 

5.  FACE 2 FACE in Panama 

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Download the Complete Manual

You can download the complete manual for the talk and print it for yourself.  Or you can get one at the talk.